Midwest Pallet Kansas City



Remanufactured Pallets

Specialty remanufactured pallets, made wholly from dismantled lumber, round out the full-service aspect of the business.  Non-repairable pallets are dismantled, the sound lumber is used in repair, and the scrap is ground into mulch.  Our product becomes a 100% recyclable commodity.

Inventory control allows for flexibility in meeting the demands of our customers.  Our extensive repair and dismantling equipment have increased the capacity to handle unlimited pallet processing.

New Pallets

We provide all types and sizes of new pallets for our customers from 48x40 4 ways to custom sizes designed specifically for our customer needs.  Check out our customized pallet page for pallet pricing quotes! 

What's more, all of our pallets are manufactured out of local materials and assembled right here in the Midwest.  Not only are we keeping costs down by not having to import our goods, we're supporting our local economies by using materials from our neck of the woods.

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